A Slice of Villa: Core Values

In previous posts, we’ve discussed the importance of our Core Values. Today, we’ll be unpacking each value and sharing what they mean to us, as well as how we implement them in our business model. As with our mission statement, while the core values are clear on their own, giving a bit more clarity on how we use them in our day to day practices will provide an even better understanding of what they mean to us at VRG.

At Villa Restaurant Group, we believe our core values to be the foundation of our organization; we strive to do everything with Integrity, Family Hospitality, Passion, Innovation, and Success in mind. We believe these values to be organizing principles that provide us with vision and guidance for VRG to continually strive for success for our organization and our People. Our Core Values not only describe what is important for VRG, but also identify the desired behaviors we ask of our team members. We believe that our people make the difference!

Integrity, though a simple concept, is something we hold to a high standard here at Villa. We pride ourselves in being upfront & sincere with everyone we interact with, whether that be our Guests or fellow VRG Team Members.

Family Hospitality is the basis of our business, as well as our Mission Statement – which makes it no surprise that it is also one of our Core Values. Family is a huge aspect of Villa Restaurant Group. We are a family owned business, and all our Team Members and Guests are regarded as family.

VRG thrives on a sense of Passion for what we do, which makes it a key component of our Core Values. Believing in our people, products and processes is imperative for ensuring all Villa Restaurant Group Team Members are working towards a common goal.

We are always working to encourage creative new experiences through our people, product, service, and technology, which is why Innovation is one of our Core Values. We are consistently looking for opportunities to challenge the status quo and evolve with the constantly changing times.

Finally, we value Success – though, success may be defined differently than you’d expect. While we are interested in making the best decision for our business, our true sense of accomplishment comes from creating a memorable experience for our Guests, as well as our fellow VRG Team Members. This is why we are committed to focusing on hiring the best people, producing the highest quality product, and a high-quality work environment.

While keeping these values in mind is a conscious effort, it is invaluable for our Team Members and Guests alike. By taking our Core Values into consideration with every decision we make, we ensure that we are working toward the common goal of our mission statement as our organization evolves and grows.