A Slice of Villa: Integrity

As one of VRG’s core values, integrity is one of the most important ideals we hold as an organization. While it may seem apparent to practice, integrity is a driving factor in everything we do. Being truthful, sincere, and upfront with everyone we interact with is not only imperative for our Team Members when interacting with Guests, but also when interacting with one another. Today, we’d like to share more about what integrity means to us, and how we foster it within our organization.

Many have become accustom to a lower standard of integrity in their interactions. While we hear messages of care and concern coming from businesses, the actions many companies take toward their customer service display less care/concern than their messaging. We have become immune to products that fail to deliver what they promise. As consumers, we would like the businesses we deal with to be upfront with us, to have a high level of transparency – but we are not typically shocked when they fail to meet our expectations. On the contrary, customers can be surprised when someone does what they say they will; some are taken aback when they get a human on the other end of a customer service line or impressed when a company stands behind its products and stays loyal to their standards. Though we are surprised by this level of integrity, intrinsically, it’s something we expect.

So why is VRG’s high level of integrity important to note? Our hope is that our Guests and Team Members are never disappointed in us -- we promise an exceptional experience and do our best to deliver one in every transaction. We feel that fostering true integrity within our own relationships ensures that our interactions with our Guests will hold the same shape. This means that the same standards for integrity are made clear from our restaurants to our corporate offices. We trust that our Team Members will uphold the values we set forth as a company, and that they will pass this level of integrity along to their fellow Team Members, as well as our Guests.