A Slice of Villa: Passion

VRG thrives on the passion for what we do, which is why passion is a key component of our Core Values. Believing in our people, products, and processes is imperative for ensuring VRG is working towards a common goal.

We’ve been passionate about what we do from the very beginning. Coming from a humble start with just one Villa Pizza location in New York City, it was our passion for sharing our old-world recipes in a modern metropolitan city that allowed us to build an audience. That audience allowed us to continue doing what we love, and has brought us to today, with nearly 350 locations both domestically and internationally.

While we’re still passionate about pizza, VRG has also begun sharing the experience of other cuisines with our audience. We’ve expanded the horizons of our passion in order to inspire others with an appetite for excellence. Exceptional food and exceptional service is what we strive for -- whether it be our original Villa pizza, a Philly cheesesteak from South Philly Cheesesteaks and Fries, a salad from Green Leaf’s, or a dish from one of our full-service restaurants.

Overall, VRG is passionate about what we do in various ways – and we hope we can inspire you to visit one of our restaurants and experience our passion firsthand.