Testimonial: Christina Running

Who: Christina Running - Bartender at Steelworks at Wind Creek in Bethlehem, PA

How long have you been with Villa: 5 years

How has Villa helped in your development: With Villa, I have been a Server, Trainer, Bartender, and Keyholder. Overall, the company has given me the resources I needed to succeed and grow.

What keeps you with Villa: I like taking care of the Guests! That, and the consistent opportunity to grow further within the company.

What sets Villa apart in the industry: First and foremost, we are family-oriented. I pride myself on treating every Guest as though they were in my own home. We offer all types of cuisine, and have a fine attention to detail that we give our Guests.

What are you most proud of when it comes to Villa: Villa truly offers the opportunity to grow within in any position, and it makes me proud to have grown with the company. I am also proud of everything I have accomplished and working for a such a family-oriented company.