Testimonial: Lisa Traylor


During the pandemic, I had the amazing opportunity to intern for Villa Restaurant Group. This experience has positively impacted my understanding of marketing and working as a team in a business environment. Not only that, but it showed me how a company puts people first.

The Guest was consistently at the forefront of all of the company’s decisions, and they were always considered in every actionable step. In order to do that, they knew the importance of their employees. Every interaction from the executive team, all the way down to other interns showed this. The company culture always emphasized open communication and encouraged constructive feedback. This made for a great learning experience in leadership, teamwork, and engagement.

I was one of the team leaders involved in collecting and analyzing social media data and offering recommendations to executive management. In addition to learning more in my field, I was able to interact with experienced leaders in the VRG organization. My team and I prepared presentations for top level management, and it was a great opportunity to learn how to meet expectations at that level and receive valuable feedback.

Working under such a great team of people taught me best practices for leading a team, evaluating marketing strategies, and interacting with executive staff. I honed critical skills in this internship that I am excited to take with me into the rest of my career!