Testimonial: Monica Nevarez


Who: Monica Nevarez, GM - Camino de la Plaza, San Diego, CA

How long have you been with Villa: 7 years

How has Villa helped in your development: With Villa, I have been a Cashier, a Server, a Cook, a Pizza Maker, an Assistant Manager, and am currently a General Manager. So, to say Villa has helped a lot would be an understatement! I learn new things every day and am constantly challenged and learning to stay open to change and focus on our product, Guests, and Team Members.

What keeps you with Villa: There is always opportunity for growth. I believe this company is a great company to work for, because VRG believes in people's development, ambition is incentivized, and everyone's work ethic is good.

What sets Villa apart in the industry: The constant changes, the challenges and the fun set us apart. We are a strong company, and we believe in our product.

What are you most proud of when it comes to Villa: Yes, in my experience, everyone I work or talk with is so helpful and supportive. We are a family. Being offered the opportunity to learn other positions and having an open mind which broadens and strengthens development.