Testimonial: Patty Cobian


Who: Patty Cobian, General Manager of Villa Fresh Italian Kitchen at Chandler Fashion Center – Chandler, AZ

How long have you been with Villa: 5 years

How has Villa helped in your development
: I started as an Assistant Manager our Metro Center location in Phoenix, AZ, and was quickly promoted to a General Manager. Villa has reinforced my previous knowledge and skills through innovative training programs. I have learned new skills with the implementation of new systems and programs.

What keeps you with Villa: I stay with VRG because I learn something new every day; the business is in constant change and it offers new challenges that allows me to grow. I always have support from upper management to face those challenges and continue to better myself. I also love that VRG is always thinking of new ways to acknowledge their Team Members!

What sets Villa apart in the industry: Our culture and programs. I think the culture at VRG is aligned with my personal values, which creates a great work environment. It is an environment of respect, promotes innovation, success, hospitality, passion, and integrity.

What are you most proud of when it comes to Villa: First, I would like to thank VRG for giving me the opportunity and trust to demonstrate my skills and knowledge through our successful sales at my location? Second, I am very proud of the team I lead, and that we have had the opportunity to be trusted to test out new programs.