Testimonial: William Jones

Who: William Jones, GM - Villa Fresh Italian Kitchen - Mall of Louisiana

How long have you been with Villa: 25 years

How has Villa helped in your development: With Villa, I have been a Dishwasher, Cook, Cashier, Pizza Maker, New Store Opening Manager, Assistant Manager, and am currently a General Manager -- Villa has helped me to learn new skills and to improve on any weaknesses. Currently, I spend my time overseeing all operations of the business: recruiting, training, supervising the staff, and managing budgets.

What keeps you with Villa: The Guests, and our core values. Everyday making our Guests happy with great food and excellent service, and cooking the best Italian food in the universe. As for the core values that Villa has set in place -- I spend my days practicing Integrity, Hospitality, Passion, Innovation and Success. Having this focus, this vision - sets the standard - the tone.

What sets Villa apart in the industry: The FOOD period! From the amazing dough that we use to the great recipes we have on hand to tantalize our guest taste buds.

What are you most proud of when it comes to Villa: Seeing Villa Restaurant Group grow from a one brand company to multi brand restaurant company with many different concepts under its direction. The commitment to excellence the positive values and of course the fun atmosphere makes Villa a great company.