VRG Views: Goals

Setting goals for the new year can feel like a mountain of a task. Whether it’s aligning your personal and professional goals or balancing a set of goals for the entire organization, it can easily appear daunting. From the view of Villa Restaurant Group COO Andrew Steinberg, the practice of setting goals for the organization is a meticulous process wherein the executive team must work together to ensure that all departments are working towards the same end goals. Today, we want to give you a look into how VRG is setting goals and measuring success.

We were able to meet with Andrew Steinberg to discuss the goal-setting process at VRG, a process he explained generally takes months to complete, but one that Andrew finds integral to the organization. “Bringing everyone together with a seat at the table to discuss [our common] goals,” Andrew stated, “allows us to develop our Strategic Business Plan (SBP). Through this process [of bringing everyone together], we are able to land on very specific initiatives that involve the entire organization.” Andrew explains: having insular goals that work department by department is only a piece of the VRG strategy. Goals that impact the entire organization should be carried out by the entire organization – which is why, for example, VRG’s loyalty program involves several departments coming together to execute a singular goal.

What’s on the horizon for 2019? VRG’s initiative for 2019 is to prove that 1 + 1 = 3. What exactly does this mean? According to Andrew, “The math equation will represent how we look at business going forward. We will look at doing things differently [than the average business] …we are going to do things that will create a different heartbeat, a different feeling, and a different attitude.” He continues, “[Here at VRG,] We choose not to be ordinary. We choose to be different. We choose to make a difference.”