VRG Views: Safety

Safety is one of our biggest priorities here at VRG – keeping our Team Members and Guests safe at every moment is imperative, and something we pride ourselves on. As you may have seen in our latest installment of VRG Views, our Senior Human Resources Manager, Marge Lehman, had the responsibility for our Safety Program during her time with VRG. Marge has tirelessly worked with our Ops and Human Resources departments to ensure that our Team Members are taking the utmost care and precaution, regardless of what tasks they’re taking on.

While safety precautions were always taken seriously at VRG, prior to the utilization of the level of data analysis we work with today, we had fewer metrics to measure our rate of success. In recent years, we have been able to implement data structures that analyze and help us to understand how injury impacts our workplace. For more information on how we’ve utilized data to help us improve our safety, check out last month’s VRG Views article.

Now, with the help of accurate data and Marge’s team implementing new practices, like the comprehensive iLEARN training system, the number of injuries sustained in our restaurants has shrunk. In 2018, we had 133 restaurants that went injury-free for the entire calendar year! We’d also like to recognize our Pittsburgh district, led by District Manager Ralph Buongiovanni, which has been injury-free for three years and counting. We’re working to continue this trend in 2019 and beyond.

Think safe…work safe…be safe!