Our mission is to deliver an exceptional experience to our Employees and Guests through our unique heritage, passion and commitment to quality.

The Core Values of Villa Restaurant Group are what we believe to be the foundation of our organization. We believe they are the organizing principles that provide us with the vision and guidance needed to continually strive for the Success of our organization and our People. Our Core Values not only describe what is important to VRG, they also identify the desired behaviors we ask of our team members every day.

These Core Values are based on the dream Michele Scotto had to build an organization with strong principles and Family Hospitality in mind. Michele’s vision was to "treat everyone in a warm, friendly, genuine manner, as you would Family". A vision built in 1964 and one which still holds true today.

These values make a difference with all of our VRG team members.

VRG Family Photo


Being truthful, sincere, and upfront with everyone you interact with.


The Scotto Family’s vision to “treat everyone in a warm, friendly, genuine manner, as you would Family.”


Love and believe in what you do.


Challenge the status quo, think creatively, and constantly evolve.


Create a memorable experience for our Guests and each other.