A Slice of Villa: Loyalty

You may have noticed that here at VRG, family is important – and one of the most important aspects of maintaining the family feeling is a sense of loyalty. We are loyal to our partners, loyal to our Team Members, and loyal to our Guests. In 2019, we’re excited to be introducing a program that will allow our Guests to show their own Villa loyalty…and earn rewards in the process.

Fresh from the oven, we’re thrilled to introduce Villa Rewards! This piping hot new loyalty program gives our Guests the opportunity to earn points for every dollar they spend, and redeem those points for delicious rewards from their favorite participating Villa Italian Kitchen. Easy as pie, right?

Why a loyalty program? We have a variety ...

40North Easter Brunch Seatings

This Easter, head out to one of our restaurants and enjoy a meal on us! Take a look at the information on our offerings below, and we'll be happy to have you there.


VRG Views: Data

Integrating data use can seem like an enormous mountain to climb, especially for a company with a history of going with its gut. At VRG, we understand the pain of that transition -with over 50 years of experience under our belt, moving to a business model utilizing more data driven decision-making has been a long process according to Michele Scotto, Vice President of Corporate Development, and Ryan Juliano, Senior Business Analyst. “I don’t want it to seem like we weren’t using data in the past,” Scotto says, “we were, but today, we have the data and we [also] know how to slice it and dice it. We have the systems…and so, while a decision may take a bit longer to come to now than in the past, we can [b...

A Slice of Villa: Passion

VRG thrives on the passion for what we do, which is why passion is a key component of our Core Values. Believing in our people, products, and processes is imperative for ensuring VRG is working towards a common goal.

We’ve been passionate about what we do from the very beginning. Coming from a humble start with just one Villa Pizza location in New York City, it was our passion for sharing our old-world recipes in a modern metropolitan city that allowed us to build an audience. That audience allowed us to continue doing what we love, and has brought us to today, with nearly 350 locations both domestically and internationally.

While we’re still passionate about pizza, VRG has also begun sharing the experience of other cuisine...

VRG Views: Goals

Setting goals for the new year can feel like a mountain of a task. Whether it’s aligning your personal and professional goals or balancing a set of goals for the entire organization, it can easily appear daunting. From the view of Villa Restaurant Group COO Andrew Steinberg, the practice of setting goals for the organization is a meticulous process wherein the executive team must work together to ensure that all departments are working towards the same end goals. Today, we want to give you a look into how VRG is setting goals and measuring success.

We were able to meet with Andrew Steinberg to discuss the goal-setting process at VRG, a process he explained generally takes months to complete, but one that Andrew finds integral to th...


Villa Italian Kitchen Invites Guests to Celebrate their Bundles of Joy with Boatloads of Cheese!

MORRISTOWN, NJ (January 22, 2018) – When it comes to announcing the gender of a new baby, Americans have seen everything from pink and blue cakes to balloons to explosions – well, almost everything! Joining in the fray, Villa Italian Kitchen, one of America’s favorite quick-service pizza brands, has announced the addition of an exciting new catering package to its robust lineup of mouthwatering menu items: the world’s first-ever Gender Reveal Lasagna! Available now, the Gender Reveal Lasagna Catering Package features one cheese lasagna with a secret pink or blue interior, a tray of Villa Italian Kitchen’s famed...

A Slice of Villa: Family Hospitality

The phrase “from our family to yours” represents Villa’s corporate identity -- but what does it really mean? To us at VRG, it’s much more than a slogan: it expresses the warmth and daily commitment to quality upon which Villa Restaurant Group was founded. Here at VRG, family comes first. From the very beginning, family has been a huge part of the VRG origin story, as well as our company culture. Whether you’re spending time with the Scotto’s in our corporate office or working with Team Members (family style!) in one of our restaurants, family is a pervasive theme for VRG…as it should be, considering it is one of our core values. Family hospitality is the foundation of our business, wherein we up...

A Slice of Villa: Holiday Party

VRG’s annual Holiday Party was at our newest 40North restaurant, TOWN Bar + Kitchen! The Team enjoyed the new venue, wonderful food and each other’s company, while congratulating our VRG award recipients.

First, Mary Nieman (Human Resources Specialist) introduced the VRG Safety Captains, who take on the responsibility of general and fire safety for the corporate office. Mary presented each of them with an award for the commitment they’ve made to their fellow Team Members.

Michael Rosen (Senior Director or Purchasing/Research & Development) presented the VRG Excellence Award (given to an individual who has demonstrated persistence, tenacity, and emotional strength when dealing with the challenging environment of the rest...